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Major Brand, It’s A Secret

You might see this on some of our products, but what does it mean?

Here at Discount Flooring Depot, we stock a range of well known brand products. We slash up to 40% off the retail prices and pass these fantastic savings onto our loyal customers. With these massive discounts, we can’t name the product based on brand terms.

You can rest assured that when you see this button, it means that you’re getting a bargain, wholesale price on a well known, branded laminate floor. There’s probably a few names that come to mind when you think of quality laminate, and we’ve got most of them in stock. We just can’t tell you exactly which ones…

But if you see a floor on another website that looks very similar to ours, the chances are it just might be the same one, and the changes are we’ll have it for even cheaper. Up to 40% off the recommended retail price in fact. Because we don’t deal in brand names, we can pass these huge savings onto you.

We can’t tell you what you’re getting, but you can rest assured that where you see this button, that means you’re getting a quality, well regarded brand floor for a discount price. At Discount Flooring Depot, we don’t do knock offs, and our nearly 4,000 5 star customer reviews are a testament to the quality of our floors - and our fantastic prices!

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