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More Information About Your Delivery

Thanks for clicking through. Here's some of the boring stuff regarding your order, but it's important, so please read the following information carefully!

For All Flooring orders please have a read below:


We will do our best to make sure your delivery is made quickly and on the date we’ve gave you. However, all our deliveries are made by outside couriers, so we can’t give an exact time on any given day and any delivery dates provided are estimates only. Please note at this time, for UK deliveries we only deliver to addresses in England and Wales

We know it’s a hassle, but please make sure you don’t book fitters and such for your estimated date. Your flooring might not arrive, and you might have to pay your fitters for the trouble.

All deliveries are kerbside only, for insurance reasons, and due to the heavy weight and bulk of flooring packs, carpet or vinyl, make sure help is on hand if you need it. Call in that favour from your neighbours!

The courier can’t scurry until you’ve signed for the goods at the time of delivery. Make sure someone responsible is around to grab the order.

Please don't sign your order without checking the contents. Have a look for any visible water damage, marks or cuts on your packs, etc. In the unlikely event that there’s any damage to your order, you MUST note this when you sign for the delivery.

The driver might be impatient, but let him wait, this is your floor after all, and if you don’t note the damage at the time, we can’t process a claim for damaged goods.

Your flooring may arrive in packaging with a different name from the floor you ordered. This is normal, and is usually the manufacturer's name. If you're in doubt, give us a ring as soon as possible so we can double check. Let the driver wait.

If you've been given the wrong floor, then you can reject the delivery on the spot and we'll dispatch you the correct floor as soon as possible. If you accept the order and then later realise it's the wrong floor, you might have to pay for re-delivery!

Any items that have been opened from the original packaging can’t be returned. Check for surface damage, rips in packaging, water damage etc. If you're not satisfied, reject the order, or note the damage with the driver.

Delivery is made by a large van or lorry. Please make sure that a lorry will be able to get to your house. If you live on a narrow road or the road has weight or width limitations, please let us know and we'll try and sort something different you for.

If you don't let us know about any difficulties the driver might have getting to your door, you might be liable for any re-delivery costs! If you’ve any queries at all about whether a lorry might be able to reach your property, get in touch. You're better safe than sorry,and out of pocket too.

*Not applicable to samples

Delivery of Accessories

Our accessories are sent with a separate courier, so if you’ve ordered Scotia/beading/trim, door bars, and so on, they’ll be delivered on your selected date*, but will arrive at a different time to your flooring or underlay order.

Our Premium Delivery rates only apply to the palliated items you’ve ordered. They don’t cover any accessory deliveries such as beading, trim, glues etc. not arriving. The charge will not be refunded or reduced for non delivery of the items specified (or not) above.

*As of 30/11/2016 any payment for delivery for any delivery type selected is completely non refundable or even part refundable due to a delivery being late delivery for any reason including but not limited to, 3rd party transport or supply issues of any kind or stock or miscommunication issues by either party.  The delivery dates and times given either on screen, in writing or verbally are estimates only and are not a guarantee. We also accept no liability for any additional costs incurred by a late delivery.

Sample Orders

For samples, the delivery date we give you can’t be guaranteed, as samples are dispatched within 24 hours (except for weekends and holidays). We use Royal Mail to deliver your samples, and it’ll take 24 to 72 hours to arrive at your door. Our sample boxes will fit through a standard size letter box, and you don’t need to sign for delivery. They’ll be waiting for you by the door when you get home.

Returns/ Cancellations

You can cancel the contract at any time, but no later than 14 working days after the day you’ve received your order.

You’ll be liable for all costs associated with the delivery and return of items, as described in our T&C of Sale and Delivery and Returns.

Make sure you double, triple, and quadruple check the measurements you need and order extra for wastage.

All orders are subject to our Terms and conditions of Sale and Delivery and Returns policies. These were agreed to when you placed your order through our website, via telephone, or by ordering in store even if you read them or not.

When you initially ordered, we sent you an email to check your order details again and make sure that everything was correct.

Your items are now on their way, and if you didn’t confirm that you were happy with your order and it turns out at a later date that they are incorrect…

Then you’ll be liable for all costs involved with collection and re-delivery. It’s up to you to make sure that you keep up to date with your order emails and the status of your goods. If you’ve got any queries at all about your order, please let us know sooner rather than later. The quicker we know about any potential issues, the quicker we can sort them out!

If you’ve any queries at all, any questions, or there’s anything you’re not too sure about, get in touch.

Send us an email at

Or give us a call on 0161 641 9996

Most importantly, thanks very much for your business! We hope you’ll choose us again in the future if you’ve any other flooring needs.

Have a fantastic day.

Kind regards, 

Discount Flooring Depot Ltd.