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Our Prices Now Include VAT

All our prices now include VAT as standard.

Unlike many of our competitors who keep their inclusive of VAT prices hidden until the checkout process, preventing you from seeing the true cost of your order, we are honest and upfront about our prices. If you’ve noticed that our prices have increased, it’s simply because they are now inclusive of VAT.

Our prices haven’t changed otherwise. Our prices are still some of the lowest on the market, and our Price Promise Guarantee is still in effect.


If you’re comparing our prices with competitors when looking for someone to meet your flooring needs, remember that we give you all of the costs of the goods up front, you don’t need to worry about the price suddenly jumping up when you are trying to check out your fantastic new floor.

At Discount Flooring Depot, we show you the cost plus VAT, right off the bat, so you can make the best flooring decision to fit your price range and meet your needs immediately, with no hidden costs for your goods.