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Solid Wood Flooring

What is Solid Wood Flooring?

The term ‘Solid Hardwood Flooring’ is used to describe real wood flooring where each plank is cut as one solid piece which is then milled with tongues and grooves on each side. The market today offers an impressive range of real wood flooring in a variety of species, widths, thicknesses and finishes so you are sure to find a solid wood flooring to suit your individual taste and requirements.

How is it Made?

The process of manufacturing quality wood flooring starts with the tree itself. These trees will then be cut into logs where the quality of the wood will be assessed. The logs with the cleanest, natural beauty and fewest knots are then cut into rough boards and graded depending on the variation between the planks and the increase on the visibility of knots. The boards are then sanded and cut with tongue and grooves (which allow for expansion and contraction). The final product is then sealed and stained with a protective finish and is then ready to go to market.

Why Choose Real Wood?

One of the main selling points of real wood flooring is the longevity of the product. Quality solid wood flooring can be sanded and resealed several times allowing your floor to last for decades while increasing the beauty and value of your home.

What are the Benefits of Solid Wood floors?

There are a number of benefits associated with solid wood flooring over other types of floor coverings:

  • Real wood flooring is an environmentally friendly product made from 100% natural components.
  • Sold wood possesses structural and solidity properties that are unrivalled with any other form of floor covering.
  • Installing real wood flooring is not particularly difficult and a lot of money can be saved by following our installation   guides and fitting it yourself.
  • We only sell quality pre-finished hardwood flooring as the factory finish is far more durable than any finish that can be purchased. This also eliminates the timely task of finishing the unfinished floor once installed.
  • In time, scratches, stains and imperfections are in inevitable. This can be seen to add character and charm to your solid wood flooring.
  • As stated previously, one of the main benefits of a solid wood floor is the durability and lasting quality of the product that is timeless and looks beautiful with every décor.