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Solid Wood Flooring Maintenance Oil Application

Maintenance Oil Application

Depending on how much you use the room that the floor is in and how much foot traffic goes over it when used will depend on how often you need to apply oil to the floor to help protect it. However, generally most people apply it every twelve months. The oil application is good for helping provide resistance to dirt and will help freshen the look of the floor up.

Step 1:  Clean the surface, so there is no dirt, grit or debris on it.

Step 2:  With a cloth apply a thin layer of the chosen oil and rub in manually. Alternatively use a polishing machine to carry out the job. Keep rubbing or operating the machine until a smooth matt or satin, whichever you have decided to go for is achieved.

Step 3: After this has been done leave the floor to dry for about 4 – 8 hours. Make sure any excess oil is cleaned off the surface after you have finished.

Step 4:  It will take the floor 24 hours to completely harden, although it can be walked on, avoid if possible and do not clean with water.