Bamboo Flooring – What’s The Deal?

More and more, we like to think of ourselves as environmentally concious, but are we really?

Maybe you use your recycling bin properly. Maybe you shamefully but dutifully take your empties to a bottle bank on bleary, hungover Sunday mornings. Or maybe you give your old clothes to a charity shop instead of throwing them in the bin or selling them on eBay. You might even tell yourself that it’s environmentally friendly to download all your music, movies and television shows because you’re not using physical media or physical space. We won’t pry as to whether this is done legally or not though…

Everyday we’re encouraged to be more environmentally friendly with our purchases and lifestyle choices. Bamboo flooring is the answer to those who are looking for a new floor but are worried about the eco considerations of a laminate or vinyl floor, or shudder at the thought of rainforests being cut down and cute critter being driven out of their homes to make your room look nice.

Enter Bamboo flooring. It’s a stunning choice for any home, and it’s an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Plus, Pandas love it, and they’re awesome. It’s a different kind of Bamboo, mind you. But still…

Pandas are awesome

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What is Bamboo Flooring?


Bamboo is an outstanding building material which has been used over thousands of years for building products. Bamboo flooring is both stunning in appearance and durable in quality with strength similar to that of steel.

Due to the fact that bamboo is a grass rather than a tree, it takes approximately a tenth of the time to reach full maturity, and it grows faster than most other plants and grasses. Plus, it’s durable and can grow and thrive even under tough conditions.

Because bamboo grows so incredibly quickly, it’s eco friendly. Rather than cutting down a tree that takes twenty to twenty five years to reach it’s full size to make a floor – as the case may be with an oak, birch or walnut floor – instead, bamboo is ready to go in only two or three.


Bamboo Plant

If you’re interested in other real wood floors that are eco friendly, check out our engineered wood floors. These floors have a thin layer of real wood on top with a ply core underneath meaning that for all intents and purposes they look, feel and smell like real wood, but one tree goes a lot further!


Advantages of a Bamboo Floor


  • Bamboo grows fast and lasts long, making it a popular flooring choice, while being economically friendly to boot. It grows quick and it’s harvested by hand by experienced farmers, protecting and preserving the natural environment.


  • Get more bamboo for your buck. This flooring tends to be one of the most reasonably priced on the market, meaning you don’t have to break the bank to do your bit for the environment.


  • Versus traditional hardwood floors, bamboo is a little more water resistant. However, that’s not to say you should go mad with spilling water and other liquids willy nilly over your new floor. It can and will still cause damage, and the floor can expand, creak, and buckle. If you’re having this problem, our posts on How To Fix A Creaking Floor? or Why Is My Floor Lifting can help.


  • Bamboo is easy to clean and maintain. It’s environmentally safe with no dodgy chemicals or preservatives, and it’s naturally anti-bacterial and allergen free, meaning it’s perfect for a home with allergen sufferers or those with sensitive sinuses.


So if you’re thinking of going bamboo, you’ve made the right choice. Have a look at our gorgeous range of bamboo flooring over on the Discount Flooring Depot website.

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