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Parquet Herringbone Engineered Wood Flooring

Shop our parquet flooring, a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their living spaces. The unique chevron-style pattern of our engineered herringbone wood flooring demands attention and creates a visually striking finish. It is available in a range of materials, including oak, walnut and bamboo. We offer a variety of options including parquet engineered flooring (often miss spelled parquay), which is designed to enhance the aesthetic of any room, providing a quality appearance that will elevate the feel of your space. Feel free to browse through our options and request a free sample to help you make the right decision.
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What Is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is one of the most popular designs in the UK. It was introduced in France in the late 1600s to replace marble floors when the underfloor that supported rotted through repeated washing. Solid wooden blocks were placed at angles creating a herringbone pattern. This extended to double herringbone and chevron variations. Each lock had to be stuck down with strong adhesive to stop it moving underfoot.

Whereas you would have to place individual wooden blocks in place with a traditional adhesive, with our engineered parquet flooring, the pattern is of the form of thick wood veneers are already pre-glued onto a soft criss-crossed plywood plank. This means that they will not budge when you have the floor laid. It is also very stable, so there is no movement or warping.Herringbone Parquet Wooden Flooring

Is Herringbone Wood Flooring in Fashion?

The most popular choice of parquet flooring is our herringbone engineered wood which is extremely popular. While it gives a traditional look to a room, that look has come back strongly and is timeless. It is also now available in a range of modern colours. Standard shades are still very popular, especially in modern kitchens, where they contrast beautifully with the new style of painted units. You can also buy other more striking colours such as grey and white. 

Is Herringbone Wood Flooring Expensive?

It is much less expensive than sold wood and can be picked up from around £44m². Traditional block parquet is an expensive proposition, that's why engineered herringbone wood flooring is such a great choice. 

Is Herringbone Wood Flooring Hard To Lay?

It is relatively straightforward, but you need to have a guide on how to do it, and you need the right tools for the job. The way modern herringbone wood flooring is constructed makes the process of selecting planks quite obvious. While this may be the case, we would advise that you employ the services of a professional, who will also be able to advise on the right engineered wood underlay as well. 

Is Herringbone Wood Flooring Good For Small Spaces?

It is the perfect choice for small spaces because of its space enhancing aesthetic. The zig-zag or chevron pattern pulls in the eye, making the are appear larger making herringbone wood flooring the ideal choice for confined spaces. It can also, depending on the finish of course, make the room appear lighter. 

Do Herringbone Wooden Floors Add Value?

Yes, adding any form of parquet wood flooring to a room will enhance not only the perceived value, but the actual value as well. Parquet herringbone is a premium product and people understand the value in that. It also has a long lifespan, so anyone viewing your house will know that if it was fitted fairly recently, they will not need to replace it for many years. 

Which Direction Do You Lay Herringbone Wooden Flooring?

While this is a matter of personal choice, we would always follow the longest wall in a room. If you were laying it in a hallway, for example, you would run it down the length of a hall. Similarly if you were laying your herringbone wooden flooring in a kitchen, you would follow the line of the units. In a large room with patio doors, then lay it so it points towards outside.  

Should Herringbone Wood Flooring Have a Border?

If you are laying your herringbone wood floor in a hallway or a small room, you may wish to leave out the borders. It can be fitted with or without, and again it is personal choice, but in a smaller room or a kitchen we would advise laying them with borders. 

Can I install Underfloor Heating under an Engineered Herringbone Wood Floor?

One of the great advantages of engineered wood herringbone is that you can install underfloor heating. This can be in the form of a water fed system or electric. It's your choice. The floor will not lift or warp with the heat if it is fitted properly. 

What Colours and Finishes are Available in Engineered Herringbone Wooden Flooring?

We have a range of colours and finishes from traditional, natural finishes to grey and white. Browse through the options on this page and if you need any help please give us a ring. 0161 6419 996 

Do I need Underlay?

Please take a little time to check out the underlay you may need to lay these floors. Again, if you are employing a professional then it is their job to advise you on the correct materials 


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