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Flooring Styles and Plank Effects

There are a number of different board styles available to choose from when considering your new flooring purchase however, the key variations are:

3 Strip Effect:

A 3-strip board is one board with three individual strips across the width of the board. There are then a number of blocks each the same length running the full length of the board, with a brick effect look. A 3-strip board is likely to be cheaper in cost than a full plank board, however it will still have the same qualities. The reason for it being cheaper in cost is simply because the manufacturer can source the small strips of hardwood easier than full planks. This style of flooring can also be replicated by laminates, typically these will be flat in nature  and will not simulate a bevelled edge or v groove.

2 Strip Effect:

The 2-strip board is one board consisting of two individual strips measuring the width of the board with each strip being broken up into a number of blocks making up the length of the board. The 2-strip board will have a more elegant look than that of the 3-strip, but like the 3-strip it is still likely to be better in value than a full plank, due to the small blocks being easier for the manufacturer to source.

Single Plank:

A plank is just one strip measuring the whole width and length of the board. The width of the board starts at 90mm and boards as wide as 240mm can also be purchased. Generally the wider the board you choose the more expensive it is to buy, due to bigger boards therefore needing to be bought by the manufacturer which are harder to source, resulting in this being more expensive for them and it having a knock on effect.