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How to use wooden flooring as a stunning feature wall

Anyone with a keen interest in home interiors will no doubt be aware of the trend for wooden plank effect wallpaper used as a feature wall to great effect. This style was embraced very quickly as the trend for using naturally sourced materials in our home décor really took off, and of course it doesn’t hurt that this effect can instantly transform a room into a cosy, warm and inviting space to be, whether it’s a bedroom or a living area. One of the disadvantages of this trend though is... Read More

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Smoked oak flooring – everything you need to know

If you’re looking for the hottest trend in wooden flooring this year, you need to familiarise yourself with smoked oak flooring. This trend has been quietly creeping up on the radar for a while now but we think 2017 will be the year when people really start to take notice and start using variations of this board throughout their homes. Get ahead of the curve and find out everything you need to know about smoked oak flooring. To start with, what are smoked oak floors? It’s actually very simple –... Read More

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How to jazz up a living room with flooring

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next redecoration project, you’ve come to the right place. Sometimes when it comes to our living rooms, we’re scared of doing anything too drastic when it comes to decorating, so in many cases we’ll stick to neutral colours and tones. If you want to add a bit more pizazz to your living space however, don’t be afraid to experiment a little! Here’s our recommendations on how to jazz up a living room with flooring to suit all tastes. Add colour to your... Read More

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See how faux salvaged floors add character to a home

For a home that is filled with character and charm, you can’t go wrong with a salvaged floor to add warmth, interest and a unique flair to your décor. If you don’t fancy scouting around salvage sites, rescuing the wooden floors from old warehouses or buying genuine reclaimed wood from merchants, there are plenty of ways to fake the effect using faux salvaged floors. There are lots of styles, types of wood and colours available from our website to help you achieve this look, and here are some of our... Read More

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Isn’t it time to upgrade that ugly carpet?

There’s definitely a time and a place for carpets as your flooring of choice, but if yours has seen better days it could be time for an upgrade – to a beautiful wooden floor instead. Read our latest blog post on the many reasons why wooden flooring is better than carpet, and why you should really think about upgrading yours sooner rather than later. Cleaner: You know that dread when someone enters your home with muddy feet and walks mud into all your carpets? Well with wooden flooring it’s still... Read More


No entry hall? Create the illusion of one with flooring

Any stunning home interior that includes an elegant entrance hall is sure to give you pangs of jealousy, but when you don’t have the luxury of a foyer to welcome people into your home, what can you do? We don’t think people with excessive floor space should have all the fun, so here’s how to create the illusion of an entry hall with fantastic flooring to really make a statement as people walk into your home. Flooring choices for entry halls Most entry halls have impressive lighting and flooring choices,... Read More

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FINAL WINNER Get 100% Cash Back on your New Floor – Competition Time *Updated*

Updated: Congratulations to our first quarter Winner Andrew Thompson: Checkout the Video here! Updated: Congratulations to our Second quarter Winner Ben Heffernan: See his installation photos below! Updated: Congratulations to our Third Quarter Winner Leslie Stevens in Southsea,our winner from 12pm 30th September! Updated: Congratulations to our Final Winner Mr & Mrs Hobbs in Bexley ,our winner from 12pm 31st December! – We will update with some photos once they come through! To Celebrate 2016 we have an exciting new 100% Cash Back* Competition! Our Next competition will run from 1st... Read More

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Homeowner renovations you should plan for this year

Make 2017 the year you actually start doing those renovations you’ve been talking about for years, whether it’s changes to the garden, a kitchen or bathroom replacement or tackling that one room that’s slowly but surely turned into a bit of a junkyard. Here are the most popular homeowner renovations you should plan for this year to give you some inspiration to get started. New living room flooring Your living room is probably one of the most used rooms in the house, and it needs to have a practical décor... Read More


How to make your home look like a million dollars

We all have a picture in our head of what our dream home would look like, but sadly few of us can afford it. There are however ways to make your home look and feel more expensive with a few simple interior design tricks that we thought you might appreciate, that will hopefully bring you closer to ‘dream home’ territory. Here’s the best advice we have to offer on how to make your home look like a million dollars. Floor to ceiling detail Appraise each of your rooms from top... Read More

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What is a suspended timber floor?

We’ve been asked a few times by our customers, ‘What is a suspended timber floor?’ and how it will this impact on their final flooring choices. We thought we’d take some time to clear this question up and discuss how it’s likely to affect you if you have one. Q: What is a suspended timber floor? Floor structures are generally one of two types – solid or suspended. Suspended timber floors, which are typically found in older houses, are normally made from timber floorboards which are then attached to joists... Read More