Timbertex Underlay 10m2

A Damp Proof Membrane (DMP) is used to protect the floor from moisture rising up through the subfloor.

‘Subfloor’ is a term that you will see often when you are looking to buy a new floor. A subfloor is simply the floor that lies beneath your floor. This is likely to be the original base floor that was installed when the house was built. The type of subfloor that you have can affect your flooring choice and installation method.

The most common subfloor types are;

Plywood – this is when several layers of wooden board are bonded together with alternating grain direction to offer strength and support.
Particleboard – this subfloor is made from wood chips and shavings which are pressed and bonded together into sheets.
Tongue and Groove Floorboards – the standard, unfinished wooden planks which form a base for a finished floor, carpet or tile.
Concrete / Cement – concrete slabs that provides a separation between the soil and liveable area.

When installing a new floor, all existing floors must be removed back to the subfloor. The subfloor must be solid to support the weight, flat to avoid an uneven surface and dry to ensure that no moisture can rise up into the new floor that may cause the wood to swell and buckle.

Moisture tests should be carried out on the subfloor before any installation but it is also sensible to install a damp proof membrane (DPM) over the subfloor. Our Timbertex underlay has an attached vapour barrier which will protect and preserve the floor from dampness.





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