Solid Wood Flooring vs Engineered Flooring

Engineered 18/4 x 120mm Oak UV Lacquered

It is a common misconception that engineered wood is of a lesser quality then solid wood.

“What is the difference between solid wood flooring and an engineered wood floor?”

This is a question that we get asked all the time here at Discount Flooring Depot as most individuals are unaware of the differences between a solid and an engineered floor and what one is more suited for their individual needs.

It is a common misconception that engineered flooring is a cheaper alternative to solid wood flooring as many believe it is of a lesser quality. This is however, not the case. Although engineered flooring is not a 100% solid wood product, it does possess a number of advantages over real wood flooring.

The Differences

Appearance: Each plank of solid wood flooring is cut from a single, solid piece of wood which is then milled with tongues and grooves on each side. An engineered board is manufactured differently where a solid hardwood veneer is bonded on top of a plywood or HDF core. Once installed, it is hard to differentiate between the two products as it is the same real wood top which is visible that can still be sanded and refinished when required.

Installation: Before installation, both solid and engineered flooring should be left in the installation environment to acclimatise for a minimum of 48 hours. Both solid and engineered flooring can be glue or nailed to the subfloor. Another option for engineered wood is a floating installation with either a click lock or tongue and groove system. A floating installation is quicker and often easier as it eliminates the mess and reduces the fitting time in comparison to using glue or nails.

Behaviour: As a solid wood floor is a 100% real natural wood from top to bottom it can be more susceptible to the effects of moisture and temperature change which can cause the planks to cup, warp, swell and split. Due to engineered wood having a multi-ply base the product is strengthened and offers greater stability to moisture and heat in comparison to a solid wood floor.

In recent years, the popularity of engineered flooring has grown due to the public becoming increasingly aware of the advantages on offer. Solid wood will always be highly regarded as a premium flooring choice due to the quality and authenticity of the product. The term ‘solid wood’ depicts class and timeless beauty in a floor that will last for decades.

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