Spring Clean Checklist

With winter a not so distant memory and the promise of spring fast approaching, many homeowners choose this time of year to clear out, clean up and regenerate their home for a fresh start.

The process of spring cleaning is not only great for tiding your home but should also be fun and rewarding. This can be a very therapeutic task and as the saying goes “tidy house, tidy mind”.

Your Spring Clean Checklist:

  •  Stop cleaning and vacuuming around furniture – move and clean below and behind your furniture. This is where most of the dirt and dust gathers and you might even get lucky and find some money that has fell behind the back of the couch.
  • Clear out that clutter – be ruthless, stop saying that you might wear or use something and think realistically. Get rid of anything that has not been worn or used in over a year. Make some money from unwanted goods by selling them on eBay, selling at a car-boot sale by visiting a recycle4cash store.
  • Bathroom – now it’s time for a proper clean! The high moisture levels of bathrooms can often lead to dangerous mold or mildew build up. This should be removed and bathroom limescale cleaned from tiles, taps and shower screens.
  •  Bedrooms – it should never become an obstacle course to get into bed at night, an organised and clutter free bedroom will make for a good night’s sleep. Strip your bedsheets and send your duvet and pillows to the dry cleaners for a thorough clean. Remember to flip and vacuum your mattress before making the bed again.
  •  Kitchen – give every kitchen appliance and cupboard a proper clean inside and out. Defrost your freezer and check the best before date on all of your food.
  •  Floor – here at Discount Flooring Depot we love out floors and we want you to love yours too. During a spring clean is as good a time as any to show your floor some extra TLC, so why not rent a professional carpet cleaner to give the carpets a new lease of life or re-stain and refinish the hardwood floors to have them gleaming for the summer months ahead.

Remember, this should be a fun task, so take your time, put the radio on and fall in love with your home again.

Spring Cleaning

Use organic cleaning products where possible such as lemon juice, white vinegar and baking soda.



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  • Good information for spring cleaning. Always keep your home nice and healthy for you and your family. A healthy home is a happy home, Instead of renting a carpet cleaning machine it may be prudent to seek the service of professional carpet cleaners who have more powerful machinery, trade chemicals, and training.