Rainbow Eucalyptus

Let’s take a little break from the flooring business for a moment to appreciate the astounding beauty of mother nature. You may think of Eucalyptus as little more than Koala Bear food…

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But there’s more to it than that. While we can’t make Eucalyptus floors, there’s another bear out there who’s choice of wood makes an excellent floor – though it’s a different kind of Bamboo, don’t worry!

Where were we? Oh yeah. There’s a little more to Eucalyptus than just Koala bear food, though the bears might insist otherwise. Have a look at this tree. It’d be very easy to mistake this tree as a funky art project by a relatively unimaginative Sixth Form Art student, but this particular bout of colour is painted entirely by Mother Nature. This is the gorgeous Rainbow Eucalyptus tree.


Rainbow Eucalyptus

The bark of this tree is very thin and flaky and will shed layers at different time on different places of the tree. As each layer of the bark peels away, it reveals a new colour. The shedding happens in patches all over the tree in a random pattern, creating a startling array of colours and becoming a living and ever changing art piece.

The official name for the Rainbow Eucalyptus is the Eucalyptus Deglupta. It’s from the Myrtaceae family and is the only eucalyptus found in the Northern Hemisphere.

These trees love the sunshine and the rain, and they grow lightning quick. They can double their size every year, with their trunk diameter growing to 6 feet and soaring to heights of over 200 feet! These thick, waxy trees tower into the air and above the forest canopy like wooden rainbows.

Although the Rainbow Eucalyptus loves the rain, it can not withstand excess flooding or cold weather –  just like me. So unfortunately they are not ideal for Britain – just like me.


Eucalyptus Deglupta


This stunning tree has been used to make boats and furniture, but most commonly it’s used to create pulpwood to make paper. White paper! Seems like a bit of a waste, doesn’t it?

Well maybe not… unfortunately this funky colouration runs only to the bark, and doesn’t carry through to the wood inside. The inner wood of this gorgeous rainbow hued tree looks just like any other eucalyptus. Lovely, plain white wood.

That’s a shame, isn’t it? How cool would a multicoloured Rainbow Eucalyptus technicolour dream floor be?


Rainbow Eucalyptus

As well as gorgeous bark, the tree also has beautiful leaves and flowers. The seeds of a Rainbow Eucalpytus are smaller than an ant and can be germinated at home. Just be aware that they’re pretty much impossible to grow in the UK, and if you’re in the US, they’re considered an invasive, non-native species and you could be fined or receive a citation, and if you managed to grow one, you may be asked to cut it down. It’s better just to admire them from afar for now!

Rainbow Eucalyptus flowers.

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  • Liberty Iturralde

    I just purchased a home in Homestead,Florida. I have 2 Rainbow Eucalyptus trees I need to cut down. I am writing to see if you would purchase them for wood or if you know of anyone that would like to purchase them. I have to cut them down because they are invading the foundation of the home.
    I would appreciate any information you could offer.