Hardwood Flooring for Kitchens – Yay Or Nay?

Go hardwood or go home, as the ever popular mantra goes. Or something like that, anyway. While hardwood flooring tends to be the prime choice for any room due to it’s elegance, beauty, and everyone wanting to have a home reminiscent of Buckingham palace, it isn’t always so easy to find the right floor for the right room.

Our customers often ask us about hardwood flooring in their kitchens – is it a good idea? And frankly, the answer is yes and no. The kitchen has evolved in modern times from a dedicated cooking space for one person, to the centre of the home and the whole family. Rather than being the room where the mother was sequestered away for hours at a time preparing a home-cooked meal, it’s now a space for wining and dining, socialising, and coming together as a family either for a nice meal at the table or simply to hover near the fridge and lament that there’s nothing good to eat.

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Whatever the use of your kitchen, it’s become a modern centrepiece that is just as much as about the decor and the appliances as it is about the delicious meals prepared within. Or the takeaway pizzas and chicken curries plated up on the counter tops. For that reason, increasingly the attention is turning to the decor of the kitchen, especially to the floor. Though that might be biased because naturally customers who phone or email us are looking for floors. Crazy, right?

But should you go hardwood in your kitchen? Have a look below for the pros and cons.


  • Stylish – Hardwood flooring is always on trend, just ask your friendly neighbourhood interior designer, or alternatively, check out Houzz.co.uk. Hardwood flooring has a gorgeous and timeless beauty that can’t be emulated, though top of the range laminates and quality engineered floors come very close indeed.
  • Warmth – Especially important here colder climates like the UK or it’s equivalent, the North Pole. Hardwood flooring is warm underfoot in comparison to the classic tile floor covering found in many kitchens, which would give you frostbite on a cold morning. Plus, it’s just a little bit softer than stone or tile, though real wood isn’t so soft either.
  • Selling Power – Hardwood flooring adds value to your home. For this reason, installing a solid wood floor in your home is often seen as an investment for when you are looking to sell. If increasing the value of your home is your current mission, check out our blog on 7 Ways To Increase The Value of Your Home.
  • Adaptability –  A quality hardwood floor can be changed and adapted with the times. The floor can be sanded, refinished and resealed allowing you to refresh the floor or change it entirely with a stain or finish. A good hardwood floor treated just right really will last a lifetime. While the up front cost might make you reluctant to take the plunge, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get more bang for your buck over the years.

Plus, hardwood flooring in a gorgeous kitchen has a completely undeniable elegance to it, doesn’t it?

Hardwood Flooring for Kitchens


  • Water Damage – Laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring manufacturers all warn against the dangers of moisture on the flooring as this can cause the planks to swell, warp and discolor. The best way to protect your floor from water damage is prevention. Ensure that any pet bowls are placed on top of a waterproof mat to collect any spills, for this same reason you could consider placing a mat next to the sink. Remember to always clean up spills as soon as they occur as this will reduce the chance of water damage. Excessive moisture can cause your floor to creak and squeak. If you need to fix it, our blog can help out.  Or if your floor is already buckling or lifting, it’s not too late.
  • Care and Maintenance – Solid wood flooring can scratch under pressure and periodic maintenance over time. Although this might seem like a lot of effort, you floor will be left looking as good as new.
  • Frequent Cleaning – In kitchens with lots of foot traffic, hardwood flooring will require frequent cleaning to keep it looking at its best. A simple daily sweep of the kitchen will keep the floor clean and free from dirt or small stones which could scratch and damage the floor.
  • Price – Although hardwood flooring has always been viewed as a luxury, top end flooring choice, the cost of hardwood flooring has became increasingly affordable with many retailers offering deals and promotions. Remember – some hardwood floors can easily last over 100 years, far outlasting most other floor coverings. They might even outlast you. I, for one, welcome our new flooring overlords.

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So there you have it. Hopefully this helped you make your flooring decision. If you’ve decided that Solid Wood flooring is for you and your kitchen, browse our range here.

Or if you’ve decided that a Hydro Guard Laminate or a Vinyl Floor might be better for you, check them out too.

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