Should you finish decorating before or after your new flooring is laid

Should you finish decorating before or after your new flooring is laid?

If you’re planning a big decorating session for your home, you’ll know how tricky it can be to organise the logistics of it all – arranging for painter and decorators, stripping off old wallpaper, lifting old carpets or flooring, disposing of it, and that’s not even the hassle of finding the perfect paint and wallpaper. One of the logistics elements that we get asked about all the time is, should you paint first or lay the floor first? Here’s our take on this age-old decorating dilemma.

If you do the floors first, you will be making sure that your new flooring is the same height and thickness as the current one. How awful to have painted your room only to fit new flooring and discover an inch gap the whole way around where the paint was a different colour! We would always recommend that you at least lift your old floor before you start decorating, as this process can sometimes damage baseboards and skirting, and even mark the walls as the old flooring is carried out. Better to start decorating with a clean slate as it makes it easier to fix mistakes as you go.

If you paint first, be prepared for some dust and dirt to be created when the floors are being laid. You might need to do some small touch ups afterwards if you notice a few scuff marks or scrapes from the installation process. The benefit of doing it this way around is that you don’t need to be so fastidious about protecting the floor from scratches and spills. If you think the hassle of touching up the paint job after floors have been laid is too much work however, we would at least recommend that you paint the ceiling first, and then lay your floors before tackling the walls.

As you can tell, there are pros and cons to both methods, and sometimes depending on the availability of your decorator and joiner you don’t have the luxury of doing things exactly how you want them. If this is the case, and you want to protect your new floors while painting, make sure you have thick sheets laid over every area of the floor, and out into the hallway so that no accidental paint-smeared footprints are left anywhere in your house. Always be quick to mop up spills too in case they soak through onto the floor.

Ultimately, how you decorate is up to you, but in our opinion, we would always do the floor first and paint last, and just make sure floor protection is adequate if you intend on having a lot of workmen through your home to finish the decorating. Check out our fantastic range of flooring for some inspiration for your next decorating project.

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