What to do with your left over wooden flooring

Here’s the scenario – you’ve just installed a beautiful new wooden floor at home, and thankfully you measured correctly and had more than enough to do the job. But now you’ve got a lot of scraps left – what should you do with them? We understand you’ll be reluctant to throw them away, after all you paid good money for your floor and it would be a shame to see it go to waste. So, here’s a few ideas as to what to do with your left over wooden flooring so that it gets a new lease of life.

Feature wall

Your wooden flooring should look beautiful underfoot, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only place to enjoy it. There is a growing trend now to use wooden planks as stunning feature walls, so if you have enough wood left over why not try using it in another room to create a beautiful design? We recently wrote a blog about this, and covered everything from where to try it to how to do it yourself – read the blog here.


Wainscoting is the process of lining a room or wall in your house with panels, normally about halfway up the wall. This trend looks great in most styles of houses, and can be as modern or traditional as you like – for a country feel the natural colour of the boards can take centre stage, or for a casual chic feel, paint them glossy white to tie in with the rest of your white room. This style is quite common in a bathroom, so if you have left over wood, why not try transforming a small en-suite or downstairs toilet using the materials you already have? We just love these ideas for some inspiration.


Making shelves from leftover floor boards is a simple trick, that can really be used anywhere you need more space – how about shoe shelving in the cupboard under the stairs to tidy up that mess? Or if you have a utility room or mud room, you could make a shoe rack to hold muddy boots and keep the dirt off your floors? There are some really creative shelving ideas from using left over wooden flooring, which have been painted and designed to hang like artwork – just take a look at this for a simple yet effective idea.

Transform dull accessories

For smaller offcuts of wood, use these to give your accessories a new lease of life – a new frame for an old mirror could be the ideal way to tie your newly decorated room together, or some small picture frames using the most interesting grains in the boards would make lovely gifts for family and friends. You could even cut the board up and sand the edges to make coasters instead of just discarding these bits of wood.

Donate scrap

If you can’t think of anything else to do with your wooden floor, you can donate scrap wood to a wood pellet manufacturer who will be able to process the flooring into pellets which can safely be burned in wood pellet stoves. It is not recommended that you burn the wood yourself, as in some cases the wood has been chemically treated, and burning it releases harmful toxins in to the environment, not to mention being bad for health if you accidentally breathe in these fumes.

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