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A dreamy Victorian terrace

A cosy Victorian terrace situated in the North of Wales

Chelsea and Chris own a stunning Victorian Terrace nestled in North Wales.


The couple has only recently moved in. The house is in good condition,

but they want to update it and put their stamp on it.


Their style is a mix of natural tones, and deep blues, which creates strong contrast throughout their home.

They are recording their home renovation through their inspiring Instagram account.

Having a large space downstairs to cover, Chelsea and Chris wanted a floor that was cost-effective, sturdy and would match their style.

For this, they chose our Emperor Bleached Herringbone, a beautiful laminate that comes as individual parquet blocks to create a truly authentic herringbone floor.

"We ordered lots of samples from multiple websites. We looked for a specific light colour and wanted the "grain" pattern effect to vary per piece as we were covering a large area. The Emperor Herringbone was our favourite. We could have chosen a cheaper option but we chose our favourite as it is an investment!"


“We installed the floor ourselves. Once we bought the correct fitting tools

it was quite easy, and the finished look is amazing. We love it!”