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How to clean a laminate floor

Step 1 – Sweep the floor

Clear any dirt, grit, dust or debris that is lying on the surface of the floor. Use a soft bristle brush and make sure that you don’t sweep too hard as this you could end up scratching the surface.

Step 2 – Select your cleaning equipment

If you are just cleaning a small stain, a damp cloth is likely to be able to clean it up. Some will come out straight away, tougher stains may require a bit of extra scrubbing and maybe a dab of chemical applied to it. If you are cleaning a whole area of flooring then you should use a mop. Mix a store purchased chemical with hot water and rinse the mop out so it is only ever so slightly damp to clean the floor. If you don’t have a chemical sitting in the house to do this, or you maybe want to cut down on costs. Mix half a cup of vinegar with a full gallon of hot water as a substitute.

Step 3 – During Cleaning

During the process of cleaning your floor you should regularly clean the water so that you aren’t going over the floor with a dirty mop. Each time the water is changed more chemical or vinegar will need to be added in accordingly.

Step 4 – Dry the floor:

The floor can be left to dry on its own, or for safety you can go over it with soft towels, this will give a nice clean finish to the job.

Step 5 – Stay clean

If you clear up any small stains etc, which occur as and when you see them it will mean you won’t have too wash the floor as often.