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How to patch in new boards in a Solid Wood Floor

How to patch in new boards in a Solid Wood Floor

Step 1:     Make sure that you have enough flooring to replace the damaged floor before you go and cut out the area. If you don’t have a spare pack or boards, make sure you check the floor you have bought is still available, the reason for this being that manufacturers can discontinue a product or a range at anytime.

Step 2:
  Mark out with a pencil the part of the floor you want to cut out. Make the cuts about half an inch away from each side of the board or the area of boards that you want to replace. With a circular saw set at the depth of your flooring begin your cutting, cut the four sides and then diagonally run the saw from corner to corner, giving you two triangles to chisel out.

Step 3:
  Chisel off any glue that remains on the subfloor if the floor has been stuck down and clean out the grooves if there has been glue used in there.

Step 4: Cut the replacement piece to size so that no gaps are left in the flooring after it has been installed.