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How to Repair a Solid Wood Floor

How to Repair a Solid Wood Floor

Now and again a solid wood floor may need a repair carried out to help both improve its look and extend its lifespan. There are many different ways in which your floor can be damaged. Burns on the floor, small scratches, big scratches, loss of colour and warping are just some of the ways as to how your floor may become damaged.

To remove a burn on the floor, such as one from a cigarette, just simply rub a moist light steel pad over the burn. A coloured putty stick can be used to simply repair a minor scratch in the floor. To carry out this repair just simply clean out the area where the scratch is with a cloth, rub the putty stick over this area and then simply wipe off the excess putty with a cloth.

If you have a minor warp in one of your boards, wet the area where the warp is and place a concrete block (if you don’t have one, something else heavy will do) on top of it, leave it there for a few days and then remove. After this has been done the warp should be gone. If you have a major warp or damage in a board or boards, they will need to be removed, we would recommend that you use a professional floor fitter to do this.