Vinyl Flooring

Image showing types of vinyl 11/11/2015

A Beginner’s Guide To Vinyl

At Discount Flooring Depot we do love our flooring, whether it’s staring at beautiful hardwood flooring all day or doing something more practical with our time – pretty much everything we do involves floors. And vinyl is a fantastic option for those looking for affordable and elegant flooring for their home.   What is vinyl flooring?   Vinyl flooring is a surprisingly resilient synthetic flooring that has flooded the market in recent decades with easy-to-lay waterproof sheets. Sheet vinyl is quicker to lay than tiles and can be laid in one seamless... Read More

swollen flooring floors are creaking 23/07/2015
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Your Floors Are Creaking, What Do You Do?

  Your squeaky floors might help you catch your kids sneaking out after dark or your partner creeping downstairs for a midnight snack, but otherwise, they’re a bit of a pain. Folks might try and tell you that it’s your house just “settling” but this is no comfort when you’re woken in the middle of the night and are absolutely certain there’s a monster in the hallway doing a jig on the squeaky step. Typically, a squeaky floor is caused by your flooring wood trying out and shrinking. As you... Read More

Flooring For Pets Aww 30/06/2015
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Flooring For Pets – What’s The Best?

When it comes to picking your perfect floor, there’s a massive range of variables to consider. What kind of underlay do you need? What kind of subfloor do you have? What will fit with your decor? What will suit your room? What’s your budget?… The list goes on and on, and pretty soon finding that dream floor can turn into a bit of nightmare. Even when you’ve made a choice yourself, what does the rest of the family think? Maybe the kids love it, maybe your partner hates it, but... Read More

Duck blue vinyl flooring 07/05/2015
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7 Amazing Bathrooms You Won’t Believe Have Vinyl Flooring

We’re all about Vinyl Flooring this week, with 10% off until the 10th May across all vinyls. It’s easy to look down on vinyl, as it’s often considered the ugly ducking of the flooring world. That’s not the case anymore, and these 7 gorgeous bathrooms are here to change your mind. You won’t believe aren’t the real deal. (All photos courtesy of Houzz) 1 – LaFrance Residence Bathroom   Modern Bathroom by Atlanta Main Contractors Cablik Enterprises   2 – Traditional Styled Small City Apartment     Victorian Bathroom by... Read More

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5 Reasons That Vinyl Flooring Is the Bee’s Knees

Vinyl flooring gets something of a bad rep, and it’s often justified. While the quality and style of vinyl flooring products has come on leaps and bounds, it’s hard not to think of horrible, 80’s style floors patterned with flowers or garish tile effects. The kind of flooring that is a new renter or home owner’s worst nightmare, but things have changed, and vinyl is in vogue once more. The quality speaks for itself, but here are 5 more reasons to convince you the value of vinyl flooring.   1... Read More

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Why Should You Underlay Your Floor?

Floors can be a bit picky, and on top of that, no two homes are the same. This can lead to a headache when you’re trying to figure out exactly what underlay you need to get peak performance from your floor and make sure that it can withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life, especially with kids or pets thrown into the mix. You’ll need to consider the sub-floor type, whether it’s concrete, wood, or tile. Concrete flooring will require an underlay with a moisture barrier to stop moisture... Read More

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Easter Bank Holiday Weekend – it’s time for some DIY!

Easter is here and many of us will be tackling that DIY job we had probably planned to do before Christmas… According to a recent survey, 60% of us plan to complete a DIY job over the Easter bank holiday weekend, however 78% admitted that the job is likely to go unfinished! Don’t worry – Discount Flooring Depot is here help! We have a fantastic offer across our entire range this Easter weekend with a huge 5% off EVERYTHING until Easter Monday. No matter the size of the job you... Read More

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Countdown to Mother’s Day! Order your Gift Voucher today

Spring is upon us and many of us will be looking ahead to the next few weeks and a potential Spring Clean… In the meantime, Mother’s Day is fast approaching, with just 3 days to go and everybody wants to give Mum the perfect gift but inspiration can be hard to find!   If you’re struggling, why not consider a gift voucher from Discount Flooring Depot and help your Mum kick-start her own Spring clean and allow her to be creative at home without having to foot the bill! Whether... Read More

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Vivacious Vinyls!

When it comes to choosing your new floor, there are LOTS of options; here at Discount Flooring Depot we like to give our customers the best choice we can. SO We’re happy to introduce our new line of gorgeous Vinyls! As with laminate, vinyl flooring requires less maintenance and acclimatisation that solid or engineered wood. Just so you don’t feel narrowed down too much, we now stock both wood and stone effects. The two below are our favourites from both ranges. Most people like stone effect flooring in their kitchens,... Read More

conservatory flooring 03/10/2012
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Conservatory Flooring – Make The Right Choice

Choosing the right conservatory flooring build is just as important as choosing the design of the extension itself. A lot of people choose to have the floor of the conservatory simply carry on from the rest of their home, but sometimes this isn’t the right choice. There are a few issues to consider before choosing your conservatory flooring. Like every other room of your house, there is a right and a wrong floor to have, and you don’t want to build your dream sun room and have it ruined by... Read More