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DFD Engineered 14/2mm x 202mm Bamboo Lacquered 10/09/2012
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Bamboo Flooring – What’s The Deal?

More and more, we like to think of ourselves as environmentally concious, but are we really? Maybe you use your recycling bin properly. Maybe you shamefully but dutifully take your empties to a bottle bank on bleary, hungover Sunday mornings. Or maybe you give your old clothes to a charity shop instead of throwing them in the bin or selling them on eBay. You might even tell yourself that it’s environmentally friendly to download all your music, movies and television shows because you’re not using physical media or physical space.... Read More

DFD Engineered 18/4 x 120mm Oak UV Lacquered 06/09/2012

Acclimatising Your Floor

All wood will expand and contract with environmental changes. The most substantial change will be when the floor is introduced to a new environment. Before a wooden or laminate floor is installed, it is important that the new floor is left to acclimatise to its new surroundings. If the floor is not left to acclimatise properly, the boards will expand and contract once installed resulting in the floor either buckling from the lack of space or gaps due to the boards contracting. The house where the new floor is being... Read More