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Eucalyptus Deglupta 28/06/2013

Rainbow Eucalyptus

Let’s take a little break from the flooring business for a moment to appreciate the astounding beauty of mother nature. You may think of Eucalyptus as little more than Koala Bear food… But there’s more to it than that. While we can’t make Eucalyptus floors, there’s another bear out there who’s choice of wood makes an excellent floor – though it’s a different kind of Bamboo, don’t worry! Where were we? Oh yeah. There’s a little more to Eucalyptus than just Koala bear food, though the bears might insist otherwise.... Read More

Squeaky Floorboards 20/06/2013

How to Fix a Squeaky Floor

There are few more infuriating things for a homeowner than installing an expensive, gorgeous hardwood floor only to discover over time that the floor boards have developed to squeak. The constant and irritating squeak every time that the boards are walked on is sure to drive anyone crazy – but thankfully, there are simple solutions. Firstly, you must understand what causes you floor to squeak. The main cause of squeaky floorboards is poor installation where the planks are not correctly secured to the subfloor and is therefor able to more.... Read More

Spring Cleaning 13/03/2013

Spring Clean Checklist

With winter a not so distant memory and the promise of spring fast approaching, many homeowners choose this time of year to clear out, clean up and regenerate their home for a fresh start. The process of spring cleaning is not only great for tiding your home but should also be fun and rewarding. This can be a very therapeutic task and as the saying goes “tidy house, tidy mind”. Your Spring Clean Checklist:  Stop cleaning and vacuuming around furniture – move and clean below and behind your furniture. This... Read More

Laminate Installation Kit 22/02/2013
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Why is my Laminate Floor Lifting?

Recent advances in laminate flooring have led to an extremely strong, durable and affordable flooring solution. Laminate flooring now mimics solid wood to the point that it can be hard to tell the difference between a top of the range laminate and it’s solid wood cousins! If wood isn’t your bag, you can also get laminates in tile and stone effects that look identical to their real stone and tile counterparts, without getting frostbite on your toes on those cold mornings…   Have a look at our huge range of... Read More

How to Cut Laminate Flooring 11/01/2013

Cutting Laminate Flooring – A Step By Step Guide

It’d be an ideal world of the amount of laminate flooring you ordered always fit your room exactly, with the correct dimensions, and the exactly right number of planks. It’d also be an ideal world if you could go through a drive thru without having to check your order to make sure they haven’t handed you three Fillet of Fish sandwiches when you only wanted a cappuccino and a muffin. Who orders Fillet of Fish sandwiches anyway? Why are they even on the menu? Anyway, we’re not in an ideal... Read More

Installing a Click System Laminate Flooring 18/12/2012

Click System Laminate Flooring – What Is It?

Over the last 20 years, the popularity of laminate flooring has soared due to its versatile nature, affordable price and ease of installation. Laminate flooring is realistic in appearance and can be installed over all sub floors including over underfloor heating in all areas of the home. Well, except in rooms where there is high levels of moisture – such as wet rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. In these rooms, you’ll want to opt for a vinyl floor, or a hydro guard laminate. A click fit floor looks something like this... Read More

Wooden Floor Waste Factor 06/11/2012

How to Calculate Flooring Wastage

No matter how good you or your fitting might be at the intricate and ancient art of laying flooring, there’s an important factor that folks often forget to include with their order…   Wastage. Whether you’re working with solid wood, laminate, carpet, vinyl, or engineered flooring, it’s important to remember that all flooring of all types has a waste factor. For carpets and vinyl this could be to do with the roll width or the shape of the room. Or it could even be due to a hatchet job cutting... Read More

Engineered 18/4 x 120mm Oak UV Lacquered 31/10/2012

Solid Wood Flooring vs Engineered Flooring

“What is the difference between solid wood flooring and an engineered wood floor?” This is a question that we get asked all the time here at Discount Flooring Depot as most individuals are unaware of the differences between a solid and an engineered floor and what one is more suited for their individual needs. It is a common misconception that engineered flooring is a cheaper alternative to solid wood flooring as many believe it is of a lesser quality. This is however, not the case. Although engineered flooring is not... Read More

conservatory flooring 03/10/2012
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Conservatory Flooring – Make The Right Choice

Choosing the right conservatory flooring build is just as important as choosing the design of the extension itself. A lot of people choose to have the floor of the conservatory simply carry on from the rest of their home, but sometimes this isn’t the right choice. There are a few issues to consider before choosing your conservatory flooring. Like every other room of your house, there is a right and a wrong floor to have, and you don’t want to build your dream sun room and have it ruined by... Read More

Timbertex Underlay 10m2 13/09/2012


‘Subfloor’ is a term that you will see often when you are looking to buy a new floor. A subfloor is simply the floor that lies beneath your floor. This is likely to be the original base floor that was installed when the house was built. The type of subfloor that you have can affect your flooring choice and installation method. The most common subfloor types are; Plywood – this is when several layers of wooden board are bonded together with alternating grain direction to offer strength and support. Particleboard... Read More