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Importance of Moisture Testing

Before installing a new floor you are encouraged to carry out a moisture test on your subfloor to assess the moisture level.
Why should I do a moisture test?
Moisture testing can identify problems early and minimise the risk of water damage. Often you will not see the symptoms of water damage until it is too late as this may be inside the walls or under the floor board. Without correct treatment this could cause severe structural damage which will cost thousands to repair.
How do I test for moisture?
There are several different methods used to test for moisture in the subfloor. The first method is recommended by British Standards where a reading is taken over a 72 hour period over a sealed area of flooring. The second method is faster and more accurate where a reading is taken from a mid depth within the subfloor (for this a small incision will have to be made). Testing for moisture requires specialist equipment which your fitter should be able to supply for testing before the installation of the new floor.